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  • AF-01 – The Gazing
    “He lives in a most pathetic abode; although tidy and orderly it is still made from dilapidated driftwood and dirty dishclothes, drawn daintily down dismal dressers, and dingy denbeds. How disgusting!”

My Three Pillars of Work

Digital Art

The tertiary pillar. My digital art expresses a wispy and ephemeral style that I find complements the other two pillars. I use lots of vibrant and painterly colors, and often work to allow whoever views my work to interpret it with a degree of flexibility, much like my writing.

Short Stories

The primary pillar of my work. Short Stories form the backbone of Myriad Fragments, assembling structure from the scaffolding formed by my Digital Art and Worldcrafting efforts.


The secondary pillar is a mix of graphs, maps, figures, and notes that are created to represent a form of in-universe authorship to mechanics and details of the world that might be harder to achieve in writing.

About the Author

My name is Melody Lux Vogel. Creativity is my gift, and language and pen the weapons with which to channel it.

Ever since my childhood, stories, worlds, and imagination have been an important vehicle in how I communicate with others. It’s just seemed easier for me to compare my thoughts to a fictional situation than it is to try and grasp at abstract concepts. This notion became formative for how I developed my writing style, which focuses on placing the abstract into writing.

My goal in writing moving forward, is to take those intangible stories, thoughts, and ideas I’ve had from early childhood all the way through to my adult life, and finally give them form and function. To take the Myriad Fragments that compose and surround my mindscape, and arrange them into something a bit more tangible.

Outside of writing, I really enjoy video gaming, specifically story-driven games and role-playing games. I do digital art, and study medicine, psychology, and pharmacy in my free time.


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